LUXXE | HONOR has partnered with The LaSalle Chicago to support mindfulness and elevated wellness through meditation, yoga, and curated holistic health experiences. LUXXE | HONOR’s top health practitioners share their knowledge and tips through carefully curated classes as well as through in-room videos that are complimentary to The LaSalle Chicago hotel guests.

    • This customized one-on-one session is one of the most profound and powerful forms of healing. An in-depth step-by-step evidence-based method to transform trauma and limits into abundance, freedom, and love. Energy blocks are identified and released through Reiki and the 7 chakras (energy centers) are opened leaving the guest refreshed and grounded. 

      $200  (60 MINUTE SESSION)
      *Please call the concierge to book (requires a minimum of 72 hours) and is based upon availability.
    • LUXXE | HONOR debuted a line of natural skincare products that are all non-toxic, made with safe and authentic ingredients that work toward improving overall wellness for the mind, body, and spirit. LUXXE | HONOR invites you to decompress and learn how to add natural and non-toxic products into your daily routine.